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FAQ | Claire Cundiff Encaustone Art

Q."Can I touch it?"
A. Yes! Please do! Tactile is very much a part of the experience of this work! All of my work is sealed with a high grade encaustic medium or a professional grade stone sealer. You cannot harm it by touching it's surface.

I do not cut the raw slate tiles nor do I carve into them. The three dimensional aspect found in the piece is achieved by working with the natural edges inherent in the stone and enhanced with pastels and oil pencils.

Q."Can I display it outside?"
A. Yes! You can display your piece outside. I would recommend a sheltered area such as a back porch or roofed wall but your work is impervious to water. Please do not use my work in water features as the full slate tiles are exactly that, raw slate, and will eventually slough.

Q."Where do you get your rock?"
A. The short answer is everywhere. Most of my raw slate tiles are reclaimed; the 16 x 16 slate tiles were discovered in a barn having been stored there for around 25 years. The 24 x 48 slate skins are discontinued building supplies, found by chance in Seattle.

Q."What will you do next?"
A. Exciting things are in the works. I am currently developing a very different, interactive way to display my work. All I can say is to keep checking back. I invite you to follow my progress.
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